Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Red Cross Needs YOU!

The American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming is seeking volunteers for a variety of volunteer positions across the two states. The week of April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week and we want to give you the opportunity to turn your caring and compassion into volunteer action with the Red Cross.
Red Cross volunteer hands out needed emergency
items. Photo American Red Cross

In 2016 the Red Cross responded in Colorado and Wyoming  to home fires, apartment fires, hail storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires. In each case residents needed to be sheltered, cared for and supported through recovery. Nearly all of that work was done by trained local volunteers who gave their time, energy and compassion to be the bright spot in an otherwise dark moment.  Many of our volunteers deployed to other states to help with large scale disasters.

It's that time of year...again!
As the spring flood and severe weather season approaches the Red Cross prepares to respond to help people affected by disasters. That preparation includes recruitment and training of new volunteers, preparing the community and maintaining equipment and supplies.
“Our volunteers are truly dedicated to providing support for people affected by disasters,” said Gino Greco, CEO  for the Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming. “We owe them our thanks and gratitude.” Greco also said that the organization needs more volunteers, especially in the small towns and more remote areas of the territory.

Working one-on-one with those in need.
Photo: Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
We need you, NOW!
Red Cross volunteer opportunities abound and range from being a disaster volunteer to a community leader and spokesperson. Our volunteers work be hind the scenes and directly with people in need. They work from home or from the scene of a disaster.

While experience and skill sets are useful, the Red Cross will provide the training needed at no cost.

How Can You Volunteer?
 To learn more about Red Cross volunteer opportunities check out our web page at Click on the VOLUNTEER tab on the left and get started as a Red Cross volunteer.

Hear what one volunteer has to say about his "Red Cross Moment".

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Red Cross Helps 220 People after Home Fires During March 2017

American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming, April 3, 2017 — The American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming responded to calls for assistance, on average, twice to three times a day during the month of March. Of the 220 people helped, at least 80 were children under the age of 18 including several infants. More than 20 of those assisted were age 60 or older.

Volunteers help a man displaced by strong winds. Photo by
Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
“Not only did we help a lot of people when they had a personal disaster, we also opened multiple
shelters across the two-state region because of wild fires, flooding, and blizzard conditions that affected travel. Our volunteers have been extremely busy and we could not provide this level of support to the community without them and the generosity of our donors,” said Gino Greco, Regional CEO for Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming.

Breakdown of the CO & WY 87 county service area:

Mile High Chapter (MHC): 105 individuals received aid; 38 were under 18 years old. Eight people were age 60 or older. The MHC response area includes 10 counties in the Denver Metro area.

Southeastern Colorado Chapter (SECO): 29 individuals received aid; five were under 18 years old. The SECO response area includes 16 counties.

Northern Colorado Chapter (NOCO): 38 individuals received aid; 16 were under 18 years old and three were age 60 or older. The NOCO response area includes 11 counties.

Western Colorado Chapter (WCO): 20 individuals received aid. Eight of those helped were under 18 and four were over 60 years old. The WCO response area covers 27 counties, serving all of western Colorado and the San Luis Valley.

Wyoming Chapter (WYO): 28 individuals received aid; 13 were under age 18. The Wyoming Chapter response area covers all 23 counties that make up the state of Wyoming.

The families and individuals were provided a place to stay, money for clothes, food and medicine. Along with providing casework for the residents in a quick and efficient time frame, Red Cross volunteers will continue to provide support to these families going forward, by doing follow up work to ensure all needs are met and the individuals have a clear path to recovery from this personal disaster.