Sunday, July 31, 2016

Red Cross Support for Pine Bluffs, Wyoming Continues

Updated by Bill Fortune

Pine Bluffs, WY, Sunday, July 31, 2016, Noon - The American Red Cross support for the people of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming has involved a number of resources from staff and volunteers to shelter trailers and cleanup kits. Today the Red Cross continued the support through individual client services where Red Cross case workers  talk directly to families one-on-one to determine what service they need. At that point the caseworker looks at resources available in the community, in kind donations and Red Cross resources to determine a best fit, based on the persons need.

Red Cross volunteer unloads supplies
for disaster recover. Photo by Amanda Fry
“We have gone door-to-door to each affected home to determine the level of damage and the needs of the community,” said Melody Storgaard, Site Director for the American Red Cross. “We have worked closely with local governments, fire departments and other non-profit partners to bring resources and volunteers into the community.” The Red Cross teams, and teams from other partners, have been working together since the beginning. Groups like the Salvation Army, Wyoming Volunteers Active in Disaster (WYVOAD) have been influential in supporting the recovery

What to expect over the next few days? Many of the Red Cross staff, logistical support and material support will be rolled back to the Regional office to be ready for the next activation. Recovery support will be turned over the Red Cross of Wyoming based out of Cheyenne and to Red Cross volunteers that live in the Pine Bluffs community. That effort will begin on Monday and if Red Cross support is needed people should call the 24-hour emergency number for the Red Cross of Wyoming which is: 307-222-8272.

“The Red Cross presence will seem smaller,” said Spencer Pollack, Executive Director for the Red Cross of Wyoming. “However the support will continue as long as it is needed. We are only a phone call away.”

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SAFETY DURING CLEAN UP: People are urged to be especially careful with their efforts to clean and recover. Safety is important and people should recognize that there is the potential for injury and if things are done carelessly they can lead to additional damage. On Saturday a home in Pine Bluffs that had suffered damage from the storm caught fire caused by an electrical short related to the damage. “We want people to be safe and use the proper protective clothing and equipment while they are clearing debris.” Storgaard said. Tips about recovery from storm damage are available at

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